Judith McKay Art.

"A Statement Piece For Your Home Or Office That Will Add A Wow Factor & Pop Of Vivid Colour & Intense Drama"

Complex, Spiritual & Challenging Artworks Adding Vibrancy & Interest to Any Room.

Dissolving Boundaries 48"x48" Acrylic on Canvas

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Wildflower 2
24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

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72"X36" Acrylic on Canvas

Suddenly it comes--a torrent of light; a torrent of darkness. Pouring down on copious feelings of melancholy and joy in equal measure.

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Torrent 72x36 Acrylic on Canvas.jpg

"I create complex and challenging surrealist abstract art to push boundaries and enliven and lift the spirit of the viewer.

They offer a contemporary experience, exploring dreams and magical realism. My works are Modern & Powerful with Intense, Bold Colours & Strong Movement.

They provide a focal point and a statement piece for home or office. " -Judith



Judith McKay Art.

Judith McKay is a abstract expressionist artist based in the Toronto area. Her intensely-coloured, vibrant abstracts capture those dramatic, dream-like moments when we feel truly alive. She explores the playful duality of abstract and representation—altering perception and reality. We think we recognize the places and people in these paintings but they are not as we remember them. Judith started her journey painting vivid landscapes, which imbues her work with the essence of the natural world. 

Her art medium is acrylic on canvas which she applies liberally in bold strokes and swirling motions for atmospheric effects. In addition to brushwork, Judith pours, splatters and uses a palette knife to add layers and complexity to her abstract work.

Her complex, modern work provides a statement piece and a source of open and non-judgmental conversation about our world and the spiritual world beyond. 

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Quotes From Clients



'You paint my dreams'

--Tanvi Bhatt

'I'm so thrilled with my spectacular painting! The colours are incredible and create a focal point in my living room'

--Kim Naylor


'I've had so many comments on your triptych, it is truly striking!'

--Feaz Rahim