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Judith McKay Art
Modern, Bold, Inspired 

Cosmic Strawberries-24x36 Acrylic on Canvas-Judith McKay Art.jpg

Modern Abstracts by Judith McKay

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About Judith

Judith McKay is a modern abstract artist based in the Toronto area. Constant exploration and experimentation defines her work. She is an intuitive and high energy painter, juxtaposing unique colour combinations in swirling motion for visual impact. Her recent collage work deconstructs and rearranges canvases in layered, sculptural formations, creating that same sense of constant motion. A recurring theme in her work is the inner workings of the unconscious mind--layers of textured paint representing emotions in flux. Some aspects of her work are calm, even passive, varied with areas of flashing colours and stark shapes. These contrasts represent a blurring of things we wish we could remember with those we'd sooner forget. 
Her artwork defies the usual rules of painting. It is expansive, free and in the moment. She applies paint lavishly, experimenting along the way to iterate to the desired effect. She has exhibited her work at major art fairs, including the Artist Project, as well as private galleries in the Toronto area. 

Portrait with Green Eyed Lady.jpg
  • How do commissions work?
    Commissioning a Judith original results in a uniquely personal piece that is made just for you. Contact | JudithMcKayArt for a free consultation about the size, form, theme and colour palette that will work best in your room. I will provide a quote and an estimated delivery date. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to create and deliver your custom masterpiece.
  • How do I buy your work?
    Congratulations on your interest in buying original art! Your one of a kind piece will add richness and personality to your room. Contact | JudithMcKayArt to connect on which piece you are interested in buying and arrange for shipping or you may buy my work directly through my on-line shop. I'm happy to provide a free consultation about the size, colour palette, style and theme that will work best in your room. Keep your eye out on my website for upcoming exhibitions, which is another great way to see my work!
  • How do return a piece if I change my mind?
    It is important to me that your artwork brings you joy. If it is not meeting your expectations, you may return it to me for a refund of the original purchase price by contacting me at Contact | JudithMcKayArt. A couple of things to keep in mind: The piece needs to be in its original condition. You need a valid proof of purchase. You will need to cover the shipping cost of the return.
  • What are your sources of inspiration?
    I'm constantly following other artists from different eras and from around the world. I especially love post-war Abstract Expressionists, particularly De Kooning, Motherwell and Mitchell. Surrealism is my other great love; I gravitate towards the influential works of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo. Some of my favourite Canadian artists include Steve Driscoll, Robert Houle and Emily Carr. My latest style is borne from experimentation in many different genres including landscape, figurative painting and impressionism. Lately I've been admiring abstract expressionists from Berlin and channeling their cool vibe into my work.
  • Who pays for shipping?
    You will be responsible for the cost of packaging and shipping. I will provide you with a quote in advance. I ship through UPS, who do an amazing job of safely packaging and shipping my work anywhere in the world.
  • Do you sell limited edition prints of your work?
    Yes, for selected pieces I am now selling limited edition prints! Please contact me for more details at Contact | JudithMcKayArt

Quotes From Clients

Judith's Abstracts are happy, joyous works possessing great luminosity and spirituality. They are complex compositions with both bold and subtle expressions and brilliant use of palette.


        --Robert Paro

       Old Master Gallery


I'm loving my new Judith McKay painting so much! I just keep saying and thinking how gorgeous it is, how stunning! I've come back to the room it's in at least 50 times already....

                                          --Lisa Martin




       You paint my dreams....

                                      --Tanvi Bhatt


I'm so thrilled with Judith's spectacular abstract painting!
The colours are incredible and
create a focal point in my living room

                              --Kim Naylor

Judith's latest abstract works are absolutely beautiful and unique. I love the piece of hers I bought for myself and am excited for Judith to exhibit her work at my upcoming group show in November! 

                                --Jane Kidner

                              Jane Kidner Gallery


I've had so many comments on Judith's abstract triptych hanging in my office, it is truly striking!

                                --Feaz Rahim

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