Judith McKay Art.

"A Statement Piece That Adds A Pop Of Vivid Colour & Intense Drama"

SOLD Stalactites 
48"x48" Acrylic on Canvas

Stalactites 60x48 Acrylic on Canvas.jpg

36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas

Iris 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas (2).JPG


Judith McKay Art.

Judith McKay is an abstract surrealist artist based in the Toronto area. Both an engineer and lawyer by training, Judith brings a polyglot sensibility to her artwork. Constantly experimenting with new processes and techniques, Judith is Influenced by a broad range of artists, from post war Expressionists and Surrealists to today’s bold European Abstractionists .

Cerebral by nature, she tames her mental restlessness through artistic expression. Her creative process is driven by intuition—little is preconceived other than the constant flow of ideas swirling in her mind. Her creations happen in the moment, on impulse, and are later rigorously refined.

Judith’s works are dense and complex with a fearless use of colour, vigorously splattered, poured, and brushed onto the canvas as an act of catharsis.  The ultimate effect is highly organic and lush—luminous spirituality in perpetual motion. 


Quotes From Clients

Judith's Abstracts are happy, joyous works possessing great luminosity and spirituality. They are complex compositions with both bold and subtle expressions and brilliant use of palette.


        --Robert Paro

       Old Master Gallery